Game Development Studio Announces New Game in Development

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In a statement that has since sent shockwaves through the gaming press, Japanese game development studio Nippon Kigyou has announced that they are indeed working on a new video game set to be released sometime in the future. Their new title, Jump n’ Shoot Man, is a harrowing and thought-provoking tale that takes place in a world where, for millennia, society has been split into a brutal conflict between two warring factions: the Jump-men, whose incredible feats of athleticism and can-do attitudes have allowed them to thrive as hunter-gatherers in every corner of the world; and the Shoot-men, whose incredible precision, methodical thinking, and mastery of science and engineering have granted them the ability to create vast, sprawling cities defended by state-of-the-art technology such as the Rapid and Intensely Fatal Lead Emitter, or R.I.F.L.E. for short. However, one brave man, the offspring of a runaway Jump-man and a defector Shoot-woman, takes it upon himself to challenge the status quo and show everyone that, through the power of both Jumping and Shooting, these two bitter rivals can still find common ground and come together in harmony. The game is set to be released sometime in Schmovember 20XX on the Sotendosoft X-Station Switch 5 Series X. When asked for comment, Nippon Kigyou representative Jigyou Hito gave the following statement:


On a completely unrelated note, we are pleased to announce that we are currently hiring any and all Japanese translators. If you are interested in the position, please submit an up-to-date resume and cover letter via email, mail, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or by shouting out your window really loud.